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Welcome to the Pokémon TCG BW Next Destinies Tournament information page. Please take your time to read through all the details. If you have any questions, please reply to this post, or email us.


Event Name: Pokémon BW Next Destinies PreRelease Tournament

Event Date & Venue:
1) 04 February 2012 ( Sat ) - Comic Corners @ Bangsar
2) 04 February 2012 ( Sat ) - ToysBar @ Atria
3) 04 February 2012 ( Sat) - Decard Games @ Summit

Entry Fee: RM $70.00
Maximun Participant: 24 Players for each Tournament
Admission Time: 1pm to 2pm
Starting Time: 3pm

Organizer Name: Ujin Yumeno
Organizer Email:


o This Tournament is opened to everyone.
o Players of all ages are welcome. Players below 10 years of age must be accompanied by their Parents.
o Please be present at the event venue one hour before the event starts.
o Registration is First Come First Serve. Late-comers will not be entertained.o Please bring along your Pokémon Trainer ID card if you have one. New Players will be issued one before the event.

1st Place: Pokémon BW Next Destinies Booster Pack x 06
2nd Place: Pokémon BW Next Destinies Booster Pack x 05
3rd Place: Pokémon BW Next Destinies Booster Pack x 04
Consolation: Pokémon BW Next Destinies Booster Pack x 02 ( For Players Ranked 4th and beyond )

Entry Gift: BW Next Destinies Deck Box & promo Card for each player. ( While Stock Last. Subjected to Changes )


Category: Modified - Limited
At this event, every player will receive 6 BW Next Destinies Booster Packs at the beginning of the event. Each player opens all of his or her booster packs at a signal from the Judge and constructs a 40‐card deck using only those cards and any basic Energy provided by the Organizer. Players have 30 minutes to construct their decks. Decks may contain more than 4 copies of a single card, as defined by the card’s English title, with the exception of cards which are limited to one per deck by card text. Matches are then played for 4 Prize cards instead of the usual 6 Prize Cards.

Players may not trade the cards from their booster packs with other players until the Tournament ends. Consolation Prizes are only given to player who completed all rounds of competition.

Format: Swiss / Number of Rounds will be determined by the total number of players participating
Players will play against opponents matched up by using the Swiss pairing method which determine a single winner by pairing players with the same, or similar, match record against each other until there is only one undefeated player. The first round match-up is determined by random.

Age Modified
Depending on the age group of participants for this Tournament, the Tournament Organizer may separate the players into groups according the the Pokémon Organized Play's Age Division.

Time Limit: 20 mins per Round plus 3 Turns
We have imposed a time limit per round in order to run the event smoothly. If a match has not ended by the expiration of the round time limit, a winner must be determined without delaying the tournament for an unreasonable time.

If time is called during a player’s turn, he or she completes the current turn, we will then add 3 more turns. This is three turns combined not three turns for each player. This will mean that the player who is not active when time is called will get the last turn.

Use the following criteria, in order, to determine the outcome of a game that is unfinished after the three turns. After one of the criteria has been met, none of the others are applied.

(1) If one player was late to the match or was away from the match, without a judge’s permission, for any period of time during the round, that player loses the match. The judge must have been made aware of this absence in advance of the end of the match. If both players meet this criterion, ignore this tiebreaker.

(2) If both players were on time to the match and were not away from the match for any period of time, the judge determines the winner based on the number of Prize cards that each player has remaining. The player with the fewest Prize cards remaining wins the match.

(3) If both players have the same number of Prize cards remaining, the current game continues, starting with any in‐between turn effects that take place after the last completed turn, if necessary, until a Prize card is drawn. The player drawing the next Prize card is considered the winner of the match and the match ends.


INFORMATION Maxsoft Pte Ltd and Pokémon Organized Play reserves the right to publish tournament information including but not limited to the items listed above, transcripts, audio and/or video recordings or other recounts, player penalties, awards, or any other resultant information from the tournament.

TARDINESS Players are expected to be present for the start of a tournament and each of its component rounds and matches. Players arriving more than 5 minutes late for any round will receive a match loss for that round. Players who are still not present by the end of that round will be dropped from the tournament.

UNRULY BEHAVIOR Players are expected to behave in a respectful manner to all attendees and staff of a Pokémon TCG event. Players who don’t behave properly will be reminded to with the issuance of a penalty. Examples of Unruly Behaviour includes, Shouting and behaving in physically threatening manner, failure to comply with the instructions of the event staff, attempting to manipulate a match through intimidation or distraction.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES with the exception of devices necessary to participate in an event, such as cell phones, MP3 players, or text-messaging devices, are not to be used during a match. In some special instances, an electronic device may be allowed by the Tournament Organizer.

FOOD & DRINKS are not permitted on the play surface. The Tournament Organizer may allow food and/or drinks in the tournament area, but at no time should food or drinks be kept on the play surface.

WAGERING or gambling on the results of a game, portion of a game, match, or number of matches by anyone, including players, tournament staff, and spectators, is strictly prohibited. Anyone attempting to wager on a POP tournament should be removed from the tournament site, and the incident should be reported to POP.

HAND ELEVATION To avoid the perception of impropriety, players should keep both hands above the level of the playing surface at all times. A player’s cards should never go below the level of the playing surface during a match.

TOKEN & COUNTERS Players are required to provide their own counters to mark damage to Pokémon in play and counters to represent Special Conditions and other game effects. A judge may disallow the use of markers that cause confusion with regard to the state of the game or that are offensive in some manner.

RANDOMIZER Players can only to use the transparent, round edged, six sided dice provided by the organizer during this event.

PENALITIES Should an issue arise at a POP tournament, players and spectators will be subject to the Pokémon Organized Play Penalty Guidelines. All penalties above Caution level will be reported to POP for further review. Penalties issued to spectators may be assigned to the player or players that they are responsible for, if severe enough. The Head Judge has the final say on all penalties issued at a tournament.



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